Solo shows

I have been curating recitals of solo violin music interspersed with speaking that frame, contextualize, and connect the pieces. The repertoire I've chosen includes touchstone works by Bach, Ysaÿe, and Telemann, alongside 20th Century and contemporary works by Grazyna Bacewicz, Stefan Cwik, Korine Fujiwara, and more. Some of this music was featured on my album, Violin Alone, and more will be featured on my follow-up album planned for 2024.

As a person with interests that range from history to sports to visual art and beyond, it has always been important to me to provide a complete performance that includes a full context for the audience. Knowing when Bach lived and when in his life he wrote the 6 Sonatas and Partitas is my job! And when I'm in front of an audience I want to provide that information and, crucially, why any of this matters. I connect the pieces to the human experiences that make music important and impactful for a wide spectrum of audience members.

Come see a show to enjoy the music and find out more about what these powerful pieces can teach us about being a human in the world today!